Dazzle DeoConcealer Teaser in Sukhumvit 47

This is a video teaser of my sister’s new product – deoconcealer – which is a combination of deodorant and concealer~!! I’m sure y’all know what a deodorant is, and know what a concealer is. Well, my sister simply put ’em together~!!

Now, why would ANYONE wanna use a deoconcealer? Well, for those who don’t know, Thai people are VERY CONSCIOUS about their skin color. In short, many Thais have a fetish for bright, fair skin. Not Caucasian-white skin, but more like North Asian-white skin (think Japanese or Korean). I can go forever explaining this complex, but for the sake of brevity, click HERE.

The quest for fair skin extends to ARMPIT SKIN. I ain’t pullin’ your chain. There are COUNTLESS products on the market promising whiter armpits. These products DO NOT actually work. So one day, my sister thought, “Hey, since these products can’t actually WHITEN the armpit, why not just COVER the dark areas~??”

So then the deoconcealer was born. My sister was lucky to have a friend who has his own chemistry lab, so they did experiments to find the right combination, texture and consistency for this deoconcealer.

In short, the deoconcealer is like your regular stick deodorant, but it has COLOR. The color won’t rub off on your clothes, even if you sweat like a pig (which is highly likely to happen in tropical, humid Thailand). It’s passed the Thai government’s safety standards, too. I’m also happy to report that I was also used (READ: forced) as a lab rat for this product. So yes, I have used this product many times, without any allergic reactions (thankfully~!! Coz having red, itchy armpits can’t be fun).

It also has fragrance, because according to their market research, Thai women view “fragrance” as their number one priority for their ideal deodorant (who knew? I thought “dryness” would be the top priority, but that’s just me).

So before launching this deoconcealer (its name is Dazzle, by the way, and it’s got a Facebook page too), my sister shot this teaser video clip. This teaser was shot in a dessert shop called “Sweet It Is” inside the Rain Hills community mall in Sukhumvit 47.

At the end of the clip, you’ll notice the girl confidently raising her arm (thus exposing her SMOOTH, EVENLY-COLORED armpit~!!) – because she’s already wearing Dazzle deoconcealer~!!!

Sukhumvit Darling: RICO

Rico the chihuahua lives in Sukhumvit 47. He is such an adorable lil’ doggie that he has followers on Instagram. Yep, Rico’s fans just can’t seem to get enough of his soulful brown eyes, pointy, oversized ears and creamy eyebrows.

Really, who can ever say ‘NO’ to this face?

(that’s Rico’s usual “doggie snack, please?” face)

This was Rico when he was still a tiny puppy:

(did he look more like a rat or a bat~??)

He’s now more handsome and debonair:

Rico has a few favorite activities. Like sunbathing on the balcony:

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Random Silly Stuff Found on Sukhumvit

Gangtoy, huh? Cheerleaders for violent kids, aren’t we~?!?!

(found inside Gateway Ekamai, Sukhumvit 63)

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ZERO baht price~!!!!

(found inside Fuji Supermarket, Sukhumvit 33/1)

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“Wanted Drug Dealer Shit Dead”

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