Odd-Numbered Sukhumvit Sois 1-19

A very useful video clip explaining the odd-numbered Sukhumvit sois from soi 1 aaaaaaaall the way to soi 19~!!

REVIEW: Above Eleven

What is Japanese-Peruvian food?

Above Eleven (in Sukhumvit 11) has the answer. Located at the rooftop of Fraser Suites, this bar and restaurant combines breath-taking Sukhumvit views with fusion Japanese-Peruvian fare.

The elevator to reach the rooftop is a bit hard to find (when you get to the lobby of Fraser Suites, go to the back). Look for some jungle-like foliage:

Then press the button to the 32nd floor:

Then climb some stairs:

Finally you’ll be rewarded with some really awesome night views of Sukhumvit:

With a dizzying view like this, you might have to concentrate hard on the menu, especially since it’s quite DARK up there:

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REVIEW: Chez Pape (Sukhumvit 11)

Chez Pape in Sukhumvit 11 specializes in comforting, French home-cooked meals. And it does them reeeeeally well~!!

I guess Chez Pape MUST differentiate itself, since its location is in THAT nook in Sukhumvit 11 where there are a lot of other very good and creative restaurants.

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