VERY PERSISTENT Preacher on Sukhumvit~!!

I posted about this preacher already in August (check it out HERE) –

Well, he’s still at it~!! And STILL around the Nana area, which holds the title of the raunchiest, naughtiest area of Sukhumvit~!!

The preaching doesn’t start ’til 0:52.

At 3:26 you’ll see another farang appear on the scene and doing the wai to the passers-by, trying to explain to them that the chunky guy holding the thick book and shouting in English is basically ting-tong.

At 3:49 he gets in front of PP (Persistent Preacher) and tries to tell PP what exactly he thinks of him, much to the amusement AND confusion of the other passers-by (made up of a very international crowd, a trademark of Nana~!!)

At 4:47 another farang in a red shirt stops and amuses himself in front of the preacher for a while.

At 4:56 a group of Muslims (his target?) passes by.

At 7:22 PP takes out a hanky and wipes his face (yes, Bangkok is hot n’ humid~!!)

At 7:53 a motorcycle taxi driver comes from the right side, nonchalantly accepts the (religious?) brochure from PP’s female groupmate and stays for a while to enjoy the show.

At 9:20 PP takes out his hanky and wipes his face again.

At 9:35 PP’s female groupmate (with a little girl in tow) appears again and hands in another brochure to a bystander who has been standing off-screen.

At 11:51 a little boy appears on the right, wearing similar attire as PP and clutching what looks like more brochures (another team member, I reckon?), trying to distribute them to pedestrians.

At 12:37 a chubby boy with curly hair riding a bicycle appears and stops to check out PP. He occasionally glances over to the camera.

At 15:03 – another sweat wiping action by PP.

At 16:48 a passerby (off-screen left) whips out a camera and starts recording PP.

At 20:41 PP wipes his sweat again.

At 20:44 PP gets a bit more dramatic by hoisting his book (Bible?) into the air.

At 21:07 the little boy (PP’s group member) reappears and smiles into the camera.

At 21:34 – another sweat-wiping action by PP.

At 23:42 the hanky comes out again, and PP’s female groupmate hands another brochure to a pedestrian.

At 26:06 wipesweatwipesweatwipesweat…

At 27:33 a motorcycle taxi driver stops and stares at PP.

At 27:46 a trio of what looks like Japanese salarymen appear, totally oblivious to PP, and also the traffic! They refuse to accept the brochures at first, but one relents.

At 28:26 PP’s voice suddenly turns silent. It’s unclear what PP is doing, but his head is nodding up and down slightly (praying to himself?).

At 29:00 last sweat-wiping action.

And finally the clip ends a little over 29 minutes (29 minutes~!!!!!).

I wonder if PP then goes home, all sweaty with a sore throat~??

Random Silly Sukhumvit Stuff

Flood barrier?

(found at the entrance of Sukhumvit 33)

* * * * * * * * * *

“SAVE TOILET PAPER” says the sticker inside the Emporium toilet (Sukhumvit 24)

(my own experience tells me that this kind of toilet paper dispenser actually causes people to use MORE toilet paper)

* * * * * * * * * *

A tree used as a storage:

(found in Thonglo, Sukhumvit 55)

* * * * * * * * * *

Look at the size of this spider~!!

* * * * * * * * * * *

The Sukhumvit way to warn people not to trip:



* * * * * * * * * *

All attempts to understand will be futile.

Worse, it might drive you insane.

This is Thailand.

Don’t try to understand.


Odd-Numbered Sukhumvit Sois 1-19

A very useful video clip explaining the odd-numbered Sukhumvit sois from soi 1 aaaaaaaall the way to soi 19~!!

What I Learned from the Punchline Comedy Show

Scottish women are the hairiest women in the world. This is why you MUST have expensive bed sheets, unless you want to see some human velcro action.

Scotland is famous for its sun and surfing (*TEE-HEE*). And the people totally DO NOT have a drinking problem.

What do Australians consider as pests? Kangaroos and British backpackers.

If you’ve got a farang missus, you don’t have to waste time and money to do whale-watching. Simply ask her to flip over in the bathtub~!!

The British youngsters love to “take a year off” to find themselves and soak up the local/traditional Thai culture, ESPECIALLY among the Ping-Pong Tribe of Phuket (and/or Patpong).

The are NO (zero! Zip! Nada!) comedy clubs in Germany.

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To be a motorcycle taxi driver on Sukhumvit, you’ll need:

1). Balls of steel and lungs of iron.

2). Mind-altering/numbing substances like alcohol (preferably Sang Som) and/or yaa baa.

3). Full contempt of traffic laws, pedestrians, street vendors and other motorists.

4). Awesome swerving skills and wormy moves.

5). A firm belief in reincarnation.

Punchline Comedy Show Coming Again to Sukhumvit~!!

I’d watched the Punchline Comedy Show once, and it was truly hilarious~!! My favorite comedian there was Canadian comic Paul Myrehaug. I really liked his deadpan presentation~!!

I can’t wait to check out the different line-up this time~!!

* Eddy Brimson

*Mickey Hutton

*Marcus Ryan

(haven’t heard of any of ’em but my expectations are pretty high~!!)

Date: 26-27 October 2012

Place: Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Sukhumvit 22

Time: 9pm

Ticket price: 1,500 baht (to buy: call 02-233-4141 or 02-234-3590 or book online at The Barbican)

Japanese Porn Star’s Club in Sukhumvit 33~!!!!

First of all, a disclaimer: I ain’t his fan. Truly.

However, I’m tolerant about whatever floats anybody’s boat.

Anyhoo, so Mr. Hiroshi Shimabukuro apparently has his own club in Sukhumvit 33.

It’s called VANILLA, which sounds pretty tame for someone who does bedroom acrobatics for a living. I mean, the term “vanilla” usually connotes something that is “usual” or “plain”.

However, that pic of red luscious lips licking a melting vanilla ice cream below the huge ass pic of  Hiroshi-san’s gigantic mug is somethin’ else (*giggle*).

The Japanese characters in black say “AV (short for ‘adult video’) Actor Hiroshi Shimabukuro’s Shop”.

That yellow sign is pretty hard to miss, even inside Sukhumvit 33, which has TONS of naughty bars and clubs.

And look~~~~ Hiroshi-san certainly knows how to gain the local Thais’ favor – he’s doing the “wai” in the pic~!!! (*swoon*)

Random Silly Sukhumvit Stuff

My oh-so-delicate taxi driver is wearing a homemade anti-UV arm protection to keep his arms fair:

* * * * * * * * * *

This posse of mutts practically OWNS the Fifty-Fifth Plaza building:


(yeap, they make up the only group of dogs allowed to roam around in Thonglo 2, Sukhumvit 55)

* * * * * * * * * *

IHADAK approves of the Thai seafood restaurant near the Filipino Embassy on Sukhumvit:

(Sukhumvit 30/1)

* * * * * * * * * *

A Space Invaders mosaic in Sukhumvit:

(found in front of Terminal 21, Asoke)

* * * * * * * * * *

“Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist”. WORD.

(found in Thonglo 13, Sukhumvit 55)

* * * * * * * * * *

All attempts to understand will be futile.

Worse, it might drive you insane.

This is Thailand.

Don’t try to understand.


Enjoy the multicultural vibes of Nana~!!

The area around Sukhumvit 3 (Nana) is popular with Africans, South Asians and Middle Easterners. Hell, you won’t even feel like you’re in Thailand when you’re there~!! Nana is where you’ll find Arabic signs, halal restaurants, Muslim fashion, sheesha bars, kebab shops, and yes, even fake and illegal goods if y’know what I mean (*wink wink*) wahahahaaaaa…

Dropping by the Nana area always guarantees an eyeful/earful/noseful adventure~!!

Sukhumvit Darling: RICO

Rico the chihuahua lives in Sukhumvit 47. He is such an adorable lil’ doggie that he has followers on Instagram. Yep, Rico’s fans just can’t seem to get enough of his soulful brown eyes, pointy, oversized ears and creamy eyebrows.

Really, who can ever say ‘NO’ to this face?

(that’s Rico’s usual “doggie snack, please?” face)

This was Rico when he was still a tiny puppy:

(did he look more like a rat or a bat~??)

He’s now more handsome and debonair:

Rico has a few favorite activities. Like sunbathing on the balcony:

Continue reading

Gangnam Style Face-Off: Thai Navy vs. K-Pop Dance Class vs. Bie the Ska

What a very entertaining clip of the Thai Navy goin’ Gangnam Style~!!

I think they can compete with the K-Pop dance class at MP Dance Factory at Thonglo 13 (Sukhumvit 55)~!!

Naturally, Bie the Ska has to join the competition too~!!

COMING SOON – Piccadilly Circus on Sukhumvit~!!

The community mall trend isn’t slowing down yet.

Proof: a new “Brit-inspired” community mall is being built in Onnut (Sukhumvit 77). Called Pickadaily Bangkok, it’s going to mimic London’s Piccadilly Circus.

Here’s the promo video:

And here’s how it’s supposed to look like:

Hmmmmmmm (*massages chin*)… That fake Big Ben looks just teeeeny tiny lame, IMHO. And what will happen when the dreaded rainy season (which spans several MONTHS) comes~?? You’re gonna get soaking wet trying to walk around… Oh well…

Silly Engrish Found on Sukhumvit

It’s time for more silly nonsense found in Sukhumvit~~!!!

I kinda understand what it’s trying to say…

(found in a coffee shop in Sukhumvit 26)

* * * * * * * * * *

Cookies with high alcohol content:

(found in Thonglo, Sukhumvit 55)

* * * * * * * * * *

We’re gonna need tougher molars to chew that new disk~!!

(found in Terminal 21, Sukhumvit 21)

* * * * * * * * * *

An exclusive, college-educated menu:

(menu found in Sukhumvit 31)

* * * * * * * * * *

Note to Sutti Mansion: pls hire ME to be your editor~!!

(found in Sukhumvit 38)

* * * * * * * * *

All attempts to understand will be futile.

Worse, it might drive you insane.

This is Thailand.

Don’t try to understand.


Taxi driver dies during fight with Sukhumvit McDonald’s delivery driver

Aaaaaaaand now it’s time for more silly Sukhumvit news~~!!!

(I told y’all before that these stories write themselves LOL)

Robinson in Sukhumvit 19 (Photo: Google Street View)

A taxi driver died during an altercation with a motorcycle delivery driver for the McDonald’s at Sukhumvit 17 after they crashed into each other last Sunday.

Taxi driver Mr. Suriya Sipumkan, 45, collided with the McDonald’s employee’s motorbike while turning onto Sukhumvit Soi 17 and both men began to fight in the Robinson’s parking lot.

Suriya was hit many times in the face, but ran back to his cab to get a knuckle-duster. He collapsed and died as he was running back to attack the driver, Daily News reported. Many taxi drivers gathered around to help Suriya, but he had already passed away.

Lumpini Station Police initially arrested the 20-year-old McDonald’s delivery employee Mr. Pornchai Chadrattanaporn and charged with committing bodily harm.

Police told the Daily News that they are waiting for forensic tests to prove the cause of death, as the blunt object wounds that the taxi driver received would not appear to be enough to kill him.

Source: Coconuts Bangkok

Creepy Kids’ Shop at Thonglo Eight

I get CHILLS and GOOSEBUMPS every time I pass by this friggin’ shop inside the Eight Thonglo building~~!!!!

This shop sells, innocently enough, baby and toddler’s clothes:

However, its PICTURES make my blood run cold. Like this one:

Don’t these girls look absolutely EVIL~?!?! Their gaze makes me wanna avoid eye contact… I swear, they look like they wanna suck my blood and eat my entrails. It doesn’t help that the one on the right looks like a freakin’ VAMPIRE.

Here’s another scary-looking pic, though the creepy factor of those two she-devils has been diluted by the presence of two other kids:

Worse, this store also displays reeeeeally CREEPY dolls: Continue reading

“Gangnam Style” dance-off escalates into gang shootout in Sukhumvit~!!!

Psy performs Gangnam Style live on NBC’s Today show in New York. Photograph: Jason Decrow/AP

The dance has inspired a host of parodies, the song has hit the top of the charts in South Korea, Malaysia, Finland and Latvia, and theYouTube video has accumulated more than 227m views. Now, according to Thai media, Gangnam Style, by the K-pop star Psy, has inspired a West Side Story-esque show of rivalry between two Bangkok gangs who are said to have had a dance-off before engaging in a gun battle.

The INN website reported that the two gangs were dining in the same restaurant when “the younger members of both groups danced provocatively at each other in the manner of top hit Gangnam Style”. The dance-off escalated into an argument and, eventually, a gun attack in the upmarket Ekkamai neighbourhood, in which one of the gangs fired at least 50 bullets from a carbine and an 11mm gun.

No one was injured in the incident, police Lt Col Apichart Thongchandee told the Bangkok Post. He said the two gangs had a history of confrontation and would face arrest warrants. Continue reading

Drunk Bimbo Refused To Blow Into Breathalyzer (*facepalm*)

Singer Piya ‘Giftza’ Pongkulapa, of popular girl band Girly Berry, was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) at 1.45am Tuesday at a traffic checkpoint on Pattanakarn road, police said.

According to police, the 28-year-old pop singer initially refused to blow into a breathalyzer and told a traffic police officer that she “is a celebrity and knows many senior police officials”.

Giftza, who was with her female friend, refused to leave the vehicle.

Later, another car arrived at the checkpoint. Two men emerged from the vehicle and criticised the officer and the press who had gathered. They were believed to be Giftza’s friends.

She then got out of the driver’s seat and moved to rest inside her friend’s car.

The pop singer later emerged to talk to the press and police, and admitted that she had been drinking alcohol at an entertainment venue in Thong Lor from 10pm Monday to 1am Tuesday.

She told reporters, while still drinking a lot of water, that she wanted to be sober before blowing into the breath tester because she did not want to appear in court.

“He (the officer) told me to blow into the machine, but I feel that I’m not in an appropriate condition,” Giftza told reporters. “And when I’m sober, I’ll blow into it.”

When a reporter asked her to give a breath sample, she said with a faint smile that she would need to drink three bottles of water first.

“I know (that drunk driving is illegal) but I personally feel that I’m not that drunk,” she told reporters.

[I swear to aaaaaaaall the gods and goddesses in the cosmos that I’m NOT making this up~~!!!! Read the original story in the Bangkok Post HERE~!!!]

‘Lakorn’ Shooting at Sukhumvit 26?

I was at K-Village in Sukhumvit 26 this afternoon when I noticed a higher-than-usual level of excitement. Turned out that there was some kind of shooting there:

I also saw this “tent” where the editor was checking how each take looked like:

I spied a bit and saw heavily made-up Thai women bickering and screaming at each other. It must be a ‘LAKORN’ (Thai drama)~~!!!!!

More Random Sukhumvit Silliness

How to make your pick-up truck look more macho and rugged~??

Why, strap a dead horn-y skull on the front, of course~!!

(found parked in Thonglo 2, Sukhumvit 55)

* * * * * * * * * *

I thought it says “benefit” of chrysanthemum~??

(found in Emporium, Sukhumvit 24)

* * * * * * * * * *

My taxi driver’s got Dragonball hair~~!!!

* * * * * * * * * *

Heavenly junk:

(found in K-Village, Sukhumvit 26)

* * * * * * * * * *

I wonder how that tastes like……

(menu found in Sukhumvit 39)

* * * * * * * * * *

All attempts to understand will be futile.

Worse, it might drive you insane.

This is Thailand.

Don’t try to understand.


Thai Women Are Promiscuous. Is This Surprising~?!

So the newest (2012) survey by condom maker Durex is claiming that Thai women are the second sluttiest women in the world~!! WHO KNEW~?!?!

Weeeellllll… considering that the survey identified Thai men as the most promiscuous men in the world… isn’t it a wonder that Thai women are also fooling around?

The thing is, when you compare Thai women and men, Thai women actually cheat MORE~!! The survey claimed that 59% of Thai women admitted to being unfaithful, while “only” 54% of Thai men claimed to have cheated on their partners.

But wait, there’s more~!! The most hilarious part of this whole thing is not about who is cheating on whom, but the fact that there have been swift denials from countless corners of the “proper” Thai society.

According to the Bangkok Post, Thai netizens on fumed: “The condom producer want people to buy more condoms Continue reading

Random Silly Stuff Found on Sukhumvit

What’s the connection between Pink Panther and a dodgy massage shop (the kind with “happy endings”)~?? Tell me when you find out~!!

(found inside Sukhumvit 26/1)

* * * * * * * * * *

I don’t think I’d wanna try “raisin sand”… I suspect it’ll make me cough uncontrollably…

(found in Emporium supermarket, Sukhumvit 24)

* * * * * * * * * *

“Drives Him Crazy IN You” (*blushes*)…

Omigod… I can’t even say the words out loud~!!!!

(found in a magazine in Sukhumvit 26) Continue reading

Random Silly Stuff Found on Sukhumvit

Gangtoy, huh? Cheerleaders for violent kids, aren’t we~?!?!

(found inside Gateway Ekamai, Sukhumvit 63)

* * * * * * * * * *

ZERO baht price~!!!!

(found inside Fuji Supermarket, Sukhumvit 33/1)

* * * * * * * * * *

“Wanted Drug Dealer Shit Dead”

How come? Did he get typhoid fever~?? Continue reading

Who’s Up There?

So the rainy season’s in full swing now (*groan*). It rains cats and dogs almost daily on Sukhumvit Road.

It’s such a pain in the ass coz the streets get reeeeally wet (DUH) and dirty, the traffic goes nowhere and taxi drivers become ten times crankier.

However, once in a while you do get to see “unusual” stuff, thanks to the copious amounts of H2O falling from the sky.

Like this bald palm tree inside an apartment complex in Sukhumvit 26:

I did a double-take when I first saw it. Coz it looked like some crazy idiot was perching on top of it, yea?

Some crazy idiot wearing pointy shoes and hat:

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