Sukhumvit: Rehatched

This rainy season has made me SUPER LAZY! Whenever those water blobs fall, I feel like I’d rather just stay home and be a vegetable.

However, I was at K-Village (in Sukhumvit 26) the other day, and I noticed that heeeey~~ some of the trees there actually got birds’ nests on them~!!!


Like, REAL nests, created by real flying, chirping creatures.

Check them out:


This got me thinking:


REVIEW: The Local (Sukhumvit 23)

I can totally tell that foreigners will fall in love with The Local, a Thai restaurant in Sukhumvit 23 which uses organic ingredients and is bedecked with traditional wooden “Thainess”.

First, you’ll be greeted by this oh-so-rustic-and-charming house:

Step inside, and you’ll feel like you’re in a museum:

The main dining hall is open and airy, with soft beige and cream colors:

If you really want to impress, you can also opt for a private room (this room spells S-E-R-I-O-U-S with a capital S~!!):

There’s also outdoor seating:

OK~!! Enough with all the pretty furniture~!! What about the FOOD at The Local~?!?! Continue reading

Educational Jungle in Sukhumvit~!!

Could it be… that Emporium is starting to get ‘IT’~?? The ‘it’ is the irony of transporting live animals and then displaying them inside a department store to drive home the message of “environmental protection”.

For those who don’t know, every year, Emporium (in Sukhumvit 24) transforms itself into a “jungle paradise” to promote conservation, though I suspect its main aim is to attract people who don’t usually come to Emporium because every time Emporium gets all jungly and wild, people FLOCK to the department store like moths to a flame, especially those with hyperactive kids~!! (Pardon all the beastly associations ha ha ha).

The whole event is sponsored by big companies, usually those in the insurance and energy businesses. Hmmmm…… (*massages chin*).

This jungly infatuation started in 2007, when Emporium went aaaaaall the way to ensure TOTAL EXOTIC-NESS. It had cages to display rare animals like binturongs:




even Bengal tigers~!! (which actually weren’t caged~!!). People could actually “cuddle” and pose for pictures with these wild cats (I didn’t).

In 2011, some protesters actually demonstrated in front of Emporium to condemn the use and display of wild animals inside a mall:

(read the whole article HERE)

This time, Emporium focused on some reptiles:

There were chickens in cages too:

This year, the gimmicky event is held once again, under the title of “The Mystique Whisper” (sheesh). There are no more live animals. Instead, there are simple animal figures, made from recycled materials, like this gorilla (decorated by straws):

and this flowery elephant:

and this multicolored, fluffy mandrill:

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Random Silly Sukhumvit Stuff

My oh-so-delicate taxi driver is wearing a homemade anti-UV arm protection to keep his arms fair:

* * * * * * * * * *

This posse of mutts practically OWNS the Fifty-Fifth Plaza building:


(yeap, they make up the only group of dogs allowed to roam around in Thonglo 2, Sukhumvit 55)

* * * * * * * * * *

IHADAK approves of the Thai seafood restaurant near the Filipino Embassy on Sukhumvit:

(Sukhumvit 30/1)

* * * * * * * * * *

A Space Invaders mosaic in Sukhumvit:

(found in front of Terminal 21, Asoke)

* * * * * * * * * *

“Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist”. WORD.

(found in Thonglo 13, Sukhumvit 55)

* * * * * * * * * *

All attempts to understand will be futile.

Worse, it might drive you insane.

This is Thailand.

Don’t try to understand.


FAVORITE: Nirai Kanai (Thonglo 13)

Nirai Kanai specializes in Okinawan food.

For those who don’t know, Okinawa is the southern-most island in Japan. It wasn’t part of Imperial Japan mainland originally, until it was annexed in the late 1800s (during the Meiji Era).

As a result of its cultural and geographical (Okinawa is actually closer to Taiwan than Japan!) isolation, Okinawa has its own culture – language, religion, rituals, and yessss… FOOD, glorious food~!!

Nirai Kanai is located in Thonglo 13 (Sukhumvit 55), in a converted house (which actually used to be a fancy French restaurant).

Boy, do I looove their stuff~!!

First of all, Nirai Kanai’s got this very rustic, beachy appearance:

Inside, the casual vibes continue:

Continue reading

Flood Prep Exhibition in Sukhumvit 24

The TCDC (Thailand Culture and Design Center) on the 6th floor of Emporium (Sukhumvit 24) is holding a very informative exhibition titled “ALWAYS PREPARE: Living With Changes”. It focuses on disaster (specifically: FLOODING) preparation, inspired by the Dutch and the Japanese.

Some of the highlights include new models of anti-flood houses, “flood fashion” (light, strong, waterproof materials), tips on how to keep food fresh without electricity, games to prepare children for emergencies, multi-purpose tents that can double as clothes and/or blankets, building temporary shelters from commonly available materials, store receipts with emergency information, etc. Continue reading

Sukhumvit Darling: RICO

Rico the chihuahua lives in Sukhumvit 47. He is such an adorable lil’ doggie that he has followers on Instagram. Yep, Rico’s fans just can’t seem to get enough of his soulful brown eyes, pointy, oversized ears and creamy eyebrows.

Really, who can ever say ‘NO’ to this face?

(that’s Rico’s usual “doggie snack, please?” face)

This was Rico when he was still a tiny puppy:

(did he look more like a rat or a bat~??)

He’s now more handsome and debonair:

Rico has a few favorite activities. Like sunbathing on the balcony:

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Silly Engrish Found on Sukhumvit

It’s time for more silly nonsense found in Sukhumvit~~!!!

I kinda understand what it’s trying to say…

(found in a coffee shop in Sukhumvit 26)

* * * * * * * * * *

Cookies with high alcohol content:

(found in Thonglo, Sukhumvit 55)

* * * * * * * * * *

We’re gonna need tougher molars to chew that new disk~!!

(found in Terminal 21, Sukhumvit 21)

* * * * * * * * * *

An exclusive, college-educated menu:

(menu found in Sukhumvit 31)

* * * * * * * * * *

Note to Sutti Mansion: pls hire ME to be your editor~!!

(found in Sukhumvit 38)

* * * * * * * * *

All attempts to understand will be futile.

Worse, it might drive you insane.

This is Thailand.

Don’t try to understand.


REVIEW: Above Eleven

What is Japanese-Peruvian food?

Above Eleven (in Sukhumvit 11) has the answer. Located at the rooftop of Fraser Suites, this bar and restaurant combines breath-taking Sukhumvit views with fusion Japanese-Peruvian fare.

The elevator to reach the rooftop is a bit hard to find (when you get to the lobby of Fraser Suites, go to the back). Look for some jungle-like foliage:

Then press the button to the 32nd floor:

Then climb some stairs:

Finally you’ll be rewarded with some really awesome night views of Sukhumvit:

With a dizzying view like this, you might have to concentrate hard on the menu, especially since it’s quite DARK up there:

(psst, use the flashlight~!!) Continue reading

Creepy Kids’ Shop at Thonglo Eight

I get CHILLS and GOOSEBUMPS every time I pass by this friggin’ shop inside the Eight Thonglo building~~!!!!

This shop sells, innocently enough, baby and toddler’s clothes:

However, its PICTURES make my blood run cold. Like this one:

Don’t these girls look absolutely EVIL~?!?! Their gaze makes me wanna avoid eye contact… I swear, they look like they wanna suck my blood and eat my entrails. It doesn’t help that the one on the right looks like a freakin’ VAMPIRE.

Here’s another scary-looking pic, though the creepy factor of those two she-devils has been diluted by the presence of two other kids:

Worse, this store also displays reeeeeally CREEPY dolls: Continue reading

Whimsical Art in Sukhumvit 26

K-Village in Sukhumvit 26 is holding another painting exhibition~!!

This time it’s dedicated to just one Thai artist: Sudrak Utayophas. The pieces on display look very dreamy and whimsical, like this one titled “Land of Imagination”:

I especially like this one, titled “The Rain”:

The exhibition is from September 27 to October 28 on the 2nd and 3rd floors of K-Village:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

REVIEW: Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Yunomori claims to be the first ever authentic Japanese onsen (hot spring) in Thailand. It had its soft opening already inside A-Square (in Sukhumvit 26).

Moi being a fan of onsen myself, just had to try it.

Am a little bit nodding off as I’m typing this. Thus are the after-effects of going to an onsen – you get REALLY HUNGRY, then you get SUPER SLEEPY.

First of all, this is the facade of the Yunomori:

That was the only pic I could take, coz customers get into the hot water completely BUCK NAKED, so obviously picture-taking isn’t allowed inside the building (and besides, I ain’t no pervert~!!).

(So the rest of the pics that appear here I’ve managed to swipe from Yunomori’s Facebook page).

So first you get into the lobby, yea?

You choose which treatments you want. I myself chose the opening promotion offer: entry to onsen plus Thai massage (1 hr) for 690 baht.

Then you change into slippers, receive two towels (big and small) plus a yukata (Japanese cotton robe) and then enter the onsen locker room.

Here you completely strip and go into the onsen room, where you must thoroughly wash your whole body (soap, shampoo, conditioner are provided, or you can use your own).

Then the fun begins~!! Continue reading

Foreigner Attempts Suicide on Sukhumvit 22

From the evening news on television:

On Sunday afternoon a 59 year old foreigner attempted suicide from a high building at the mouth of Sukhumvit 22 but landed on wiring and awnings on top of a 7/11 store.

The previous evening the man had taken two women to his hotel room at The Crown on Sukhumvit 29. Whilst he was in the bathroom the two women robbed him of all his valuables and fled the scene. Upon discovering this the man proceeded to get drunk until he finally checked out of the Crown before 12.00 and crossed the street to Sukhumvit 22 where he entered the tall building and jumped off.

Rescue services were called and with the help of ladders he was brought down and taken to hospital.

OUCH OUCH OUCH… Pictures were taken from

Hi-So Event in Thonglo~!!

I stumbled upon a hi-so event at Thonglo 15 (Sukhumvit 55) today~!!

I went to eat lunch at Greyhound inside the J-Avenue when I realized that a shop across, aptly called “Brand Name Society” was having some sort of fancy-schmancy event, complete with models, champagne and yes, beautiful people who dressed so fashionably it hurt.

Enjoy perving on aaaaaall the gorgeous peeps~~!!!

P.S. And no, I did not gate-crash this event. I just happened to be at the right place, at the right time. I had to eat SOMEWHERE, right?

“Himmapan” Art Exhibition in Sukhumvit 26

Aaaaaaahhh~~~ if only I were totally loaded~~!!! I’d snap so many of the paintings on display (and for sale) at K-Village (Sukhumvit 26)~!!!

Titled “Himmapan 2012”, this exhibition is organized by Silapasri Art and will be on until 23 September. Proceeds will pay for the Thai government’s new old folks’ home.

I gotta admit that I’m quite ignorant when it comes to “art”, but at least I know that TWO paintings in this exhibition were painted by the same famous painter who has painted for Hu Jintao:

Enjoy feasting your eyes on these beauties~!!


This open-air eatery in Ekamai 6 (Sukhumvit 63) is so cocky it calls itself FAMOUS.

I gotta hand it to them, though, their food is DIVINE. And CHEAP. Plus it’s open ’til late – the perfect place to stop by when you’re starving coz you’ve been shakin’ your booty all night long all over Sukhumvit.

OK, so it’s got ZERO atmosphere.

And NO AIRCON (*gasp*). Continue reading

More Random Sukhumvit Silliness

How to make your pick-up truck look more macho and rugged~??

Why, strap a dead horn-y skull on the front, of course~!!

(found parked in Thonglo 2, Sukhumvit 55)

* * * * * * * * * *

I thought it says “benefit” of chrysanthemum~??

(found in Emporium, Sukhumvit 24)

* * * * * * * * * *

My taxi driver’s got Dragonball hair~~!!!

* * * * * * * * * *

Heavenly junk:

(found in K-Village, Sukhumvit 26)

* * * * * * * * * *

I wonder how that tastes like……

(menu found in Sukhumvit 39)

* * * * * * * * * *

All attempts to understand will be futile.

Worse, it might drive you insane.

This is Thailand.

Don’t try to understand.


Creative Orphanage For ADULTS in Sukhumvit!!!

It’s called Mr. Jones Orphanage, and it’s truly HILARIOUS!!!!

Located in Thonglo 13 (Sukhumvit 55), this “orphanage” is actually a dessert shop (or a “milk bar”, if you want to be more exact hahaha) dressed up like a Dickensian orphanage, complete with miniature furniture, a merry-go-round, tin plates and cups, a giant ceiling clock, toy cars and LOTS and LOTS of teddy bears.

There’s a long row of tables and chairs at the “Dining Hall” section (it’s actually not THAT long – it’s just a trick of the mirror at the back – so clever!!):

Continue reading

Fake Japanese Summer Fest on Sukhumvit (DUH)

Oh, I just can’t stand the pathetic-nessss… (yea, I know I just made up that word) of the Gateway Ekamai mall. I’d already made a post about it (read it HERE), whining about its overall lameness.

This fake Japanese Summer Festival has given me more ammunition.

So the Gateway Ekamai is holding a “Matsuri”-wannabe with fake kimonos, fake torii (temple gate entrance – pictured left), fake maneki neko (Beckoning Cat), fake wishing tree, you get my drift. While I totally understand that reproductions could be made, the ones at Gateway Ekamai just look TOO FAKE.

While I was there (and taking pics as “evidence”), the “festival” itself was already sputtering its breath. VERY FEW PEOPLE were actually “participating”: Continue reading

Random Silly Stuff Found on Sukhumvit

What’s the connection between Pink Panther and a dodgy massage shop (the kind with “happy endings”)~?? Tell me when you find out~!!

(found inside Sukhumvit 26/1)

* * * * * * * * * *

I don’t think I’d wanna try “raisin sand”… I suspect it’ll make me cough uncontrollably…

(found in Emporium supermarket, Sukhumvit 24)

* * * * * * * * * *

“Drives Him Crazy IN You” (*blushes*)…

Omigod… I can’t even say the words out loud~!!!!

(found in a magazine in Sukhumvit 26) Continue reading

Changes Going On In Soi Fuji~!!

Sukhumvit 33/1 has a nickname – Soi Fuji. It’s the unofficial “Little Tokyo” of Sukhumvit Road (OK, so a lame new mall in Ekamai has ambitions of wrestling this coveted title from Soi Fuji, but I say BAH~!!!).

FYI – Fuji is actually the name of the Japanese supermarket inside this soi.

So anyway, apparently there are lots of CHANGES going on inside Soi Fuji~!!

First of all Fuji Supermarket itself is lookin’ quite spiffy now:

Continue reading

Random Silly Stuff Found on Sukhumvit

Gangtoy, huh? Cheerleaders for violent kids, aren’t we~?!?!

(found inside Gateway Ekamai, Sukhumvit 63)

* * * * * * * * * *

ZERO baht price~!!!!

(found inside Fuji Supermarket, Sukhumvit 33/1)

* * * * * * * * * *

“Wanted Drug Dealer Shit Dead”

How come? Did he get typhoid fever~?? Continue reading

REVIEW: Chez Pape (Sukhumvit 11)

Chez Pape in Sukhumvit 11 specializes in comforting, French home-cooked meals. And it does them reeeeeally well~!!

I guess Chez Pape MUST differentiate itself, since its location is in THAT nook in Sukhumvit 11 where there are a lot of other very good and creative restaurants.

Continue reading

Lame New Mall in Sukhumvit (*yawn*)

Yea, I got it. Thai people have a Japanese fetish. They adore almost everything that comes from the Land of the Rising Sun.

However, I’m starting to get really fed-up with the idea that stamping “JAPAN” on anything will somehow attract customers and make money.

Case in point: a new (lame) mall named Gateway Ekamai, recently opened in the Ekamai area (Sukhumvit 63).

It looks quite cute from outside:

Another good point is that its entrance is connected to the BTS Station:

The thing is, when you go in, the lameness hits you. This pathetic mall tries to be Japanese sooooo much, and it can’t even succeed. Continue reading

REVIEW: Smith (Sukhumvit 49)

The same people who brought Hyde & Seek (NOT on Sukhumvit Road, by the way) to Bangkok have graced my beloved Sukhumvit with their newest offering – Smith (as in “food smith”, get it?), located in Sukhumvit 49).

Smith sticks to a nose-to-tail philosophy – which believes that when an animal is killed, ALL its parts must be eaten (not just the “popular” or “acceptable” ones = more eco-friendly).

I’ve actually passed by its unique facade a couple of times already, but I heard that it’s tough to get a reservation there since it’s still new and so hyped-up.

Well well well… one of my friends managed to squeeze us in, but let me just get to the point here – I was not so impressed. Continue reading