FAVORITE: Nameless Izakaya at Sukhumvit 26

No, “nameless izakaya” is NOT the name of this tiny, unassuming eatery inside Sukhumvit 26.

It simply HAS NO NAME (“izakaya” is Japanese word which roughly translates into “drinking place”).

You see those purplish curtains hanging in front of the door? Those curtains typically display the name of the establishment. Except these curtains are BLANK.

And yes, I HAD asked the manager about the name, and his answer was, “This place just has no name.”


Well, name or no name, this place serves really YUMMY Japanese stuff~!! (And some Thai dishes as well~!!). It also offers some “B-Gourmet” food, which is experimental cuisine that’s unique, cheap and tasty, designed for those who are watching their wallets (examples: coffee ramen, fried soba noodles) – a bit of courage might be needed to try some of the “B-Gourmet” stuff hehe~!!

If someday you happen to be in Sukhumvit 26 when the night’s deep already (they’re open til late), don’t forget to try this place (food porn below)~!!

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What I Learned from the Punchline Comedy Show

Scottish women are the hairiest women in the world. This is why you MUST have expensive bed sheets, unless you want to see some human velcro action.

Scotland is famous for its sun and surfing (*TEE-HEE*). And the people totally DO NOT have a drinking problem.

What do Australians consider as pests? Kangaroos and British backpackers.

If you’ve got a farang missus, you don’t have to waste time and money to do whale-watching. Simply ask her to flip over in the bathtub~!!

The British youngsters love to “take a year off” to find themselves and soak up the local/traditional Thai culture, ESPECIALLY among the Ping-Pong Tribe of Phuket (and/or Patpong).

The are NO (zero! Zip! Nada!) comedy clubs in Germany.

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Marvelous Mor Lam on Sukhumvit~!!!!

A clip of the 3rd Anniversary of Paradise Bangkok by ZudRangMa Records at Sonic Ekamai (Ekamai 10, Sukhumvit 63). It’s SUCH A PLEASURE watching musicians who are so in love with their craft and an audience who is completely taken by the music:

For those of you who don’t know what mor lam is, it’s a folk/traditional music genre which originated in Laos, and is still popular in Thailand now, even though many “moderns” and youngsters usually turn their noses up at mor lam, viewing it as “old-fashioned” and “country-sided”:

Thailand actually has a duo Christy (Dutch) and Jonas (Swedish), who sing mor lam (and luuk thung, another Thai traditional folk music style) together:

Al-Jazeera did a special report on ZudRangMa Records’ efforts to re-introduce back mor lam to a bigger audience (read it HERE). Thanks to ZudRangMa Records’ jam sessions, perhaps more people (Thais and foreigners alike) will learn to appreciate mor lam‘s hypnotic beats~!!

FAVORITE: Tom N Toms Coffee (Sukhumvit 26)

I can’t drink coffee coz the caffeine keeps me up aaaaaaaaall night. And since I’m already a night person anyway (I’ve been called “vampire”), I actually don’t need caffeine to keep me awake.

So TEA is as far as I can go with caffeine. I do drink alcohol, but that’s for another post. The thing is, I luuurve tea – milk tea, bubble tea, green tea, white tea, black tea, “pulled” tea (teh tarik), whatever tea~!!

I particularly like the milk tea (English Breakfast) at Tom N Toms Coffee inside K-Village in Sukhumvit 26.

Laugh all you want, tea snobs (“Eeeeeh~?! Isn’t Tom N Toms a CHAIN coffee shop~?!”), but I find the taste very comforting, and not too sweet.

I was SO touched when I received my usual milk tea at Tom N Toms today. I noticed this new “thing” on my tray:

(the small plastic container on the left)

At first I was confused – what the heck is THAT~?! Am I supposed to use it for the drinking water? (Coz Tom N Toms gives free drinking water). Continue reading

Wicked Jazz Trio at the Sheraton

The Randy Cannon Group really knows how to jam at the Living Room at the Sheraton (Sukhumvit 12)~!!

The Randy Cannon Group (pianist Randy Cannon, ex-James Brown drummer Erik Hargrove and bassist Therdsak Wongvichien) will perform from Thursday to Sunday from 9.15pm, until October 31.

FAVORITE: Nirai Kanai (Thonglo 13)

Nirai Kanai specializes in Okinawan food.

For those who don’t know, Okinawa is the southern-most island in Japan. It wasn’t part of Imperial Japan mainland originally, until it was annexed in the late 1800s (during the Meiji Era).

As a result of its cultural and geographical (Okinawa is actually closer to Taiwan than Japan!) isolation, Okinawa has its own culture – language, religion, rituals, and yessss… FOOD, glorious food~!!

Nirai Kanai is located in Thonglo 13 (Sukhumvit 55), in a converted house (which actually used to be a fancy French restaurant).

Boy, do I looove their stuff~!!

First of all, Nirai Kanai’s got this very rustic, beachy appearance:

Inside, the casual vibes continue:

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Flood Prep Exhibition in Sukhumvit 24

The TCDC (Thailand Culture and Design Center) on the 6th floor of Emporium (Sukhumvit 24) is holding a very informative exhibition titled “ALWAYS PREPARE: Living With Changes”. It focuses on disaster (specifically: FLOODING) preparation, inspired by the Dutch and the Japanese.

Some of the highlights include new models of anti-flood houses, “flood fashion” (light, strong, waterproof materials), tips on how to keep food fresh without electricity, games to prepare children for emergencies, multi-purpose tents that can double as clothes and/or blankets, building temporary shelters from commonly available materials, store receipts with emergency information, etc. Continue reading

FAVORITE: Kankokutei (Sukhumvit 33/1)

Kankokutei is a Korean restaurant inside soi Fuji (Sukhumvit 33/1), run by a very kind Korean lady married to a Japanese man.

It’s too bad that its location is a bit hidden (and you still have to climb some seriously steep stairs), because the food in Kankokutei is absolutely DELICIOUS.

OK, so it’s got no atmosphere:

Just some normal looking furniture and decor…

No inspiring views to whet your appetite (unless you’re into Japanese salarymen… but hey~ whatever floats your boat…) Continue reading

Sukhumvit Darling: RICO

Rico the chihuahua lives in Sukhumvit 47. He is such an adorable lil’ doggie that he has followers on Instagram. Yep, Rico’s fans just can’t seem to get enough of his soulful brown eyes, pointy, oversized ears and creamy eyebrows.

Really, who can ever say ‘NO’ to this face?

(that’s Rico’s usual “doggie snack, please?” face)

This was Rico when he was still a tiny puppy:

(did he look more like a rat or a bat~??)

He’s now more handsome and debonair:

Rico has a few favorite activities. Like sunbathing on the balcony:

Continue reading

FAVORITE: Mango Juice

This mango juice is sooooo yummy I think I’m getting addicted to it~!!

I usually buy this good stuff at Emporium (Sukhumvit 24) or the Gourmet Market in K-Village (Sukhumvit 26). It’s 30 baht, which some might say ain’t that cheap.

But you see, I’m so freakin’ lazy to make my own juice and I totally SUCK in the kitchen, so 30 baht is a small price to pay for convenience and super delish fresh mango juice~!! : P


This open-air eatery in Ekamai 6 (Sukhumvit 63) is so cocky it calls itself FAMOUS.

I gotta hand it to them, though, their food is DIVINE. And CHEAP. Plus it’s open ’til late – the perfect place to stop by when you’re starving coz you’ve been shakin’ your booty all night long all over Sukhumvit.

OK, so it’s got ZERO atmosphere.

And NO AIRCON (*gasp*). Continue reading

Jazz Diva Alice Day in Sukhumvit!!!!

Alice Day… sigh….. I LOVE YOOOOUUUU~~~!!!!!!!!!!

Shot in The Living Room, Sheraton, Sukhumvit 12. Sorry for the crappy picture quality – it was DARK hahaha. The pics came out OK, though:

P.S. The guy with the trumpet is Steve Cannon and the rest of the band is the Shawn Kelley Trio.

FAVORITE: Doong Daeng Dai (Thonglo)

I’m so addicted to the noodles at Doong Daeng Dai in Thonglo 4 (Sukhumvit 55), I think I eat there at least once a week~!!

Doong Daeng Dai specializes in what Thai people call “boat noodles”. These are traditional noodles that were sold from small boats that used to go up and down the canals of Bangkok back in those days when Bangkok still had the nickname of “the Venice of Asia”. Continue reading

FAVORITE: 8tracks.com

I love love love… no, scratch that… I ADORE 8tracks.com~~!!!!!!!

It’s basically internet radio that allows you to listen to curated music compiled by different people according to a certain mood (“chill” or “happy”), genre (“jazz” or “electronic”) or random word (like “old school” or “french”) FOR FREE.

If you register, you can make your own compilations/mixes (NOT free, though). You can also follow other people or get others to follow you.

I can’t get enough of it~~!!!