Good Riddance – The Liit in K-Village

I cried tears of joy when I saw that The Liit at K-Village (Sukhumvit 26) has been boarded up:

This pretentious prick of a restaurant totally ticked me off on my first visit (around February this year). I won’t mince words:

– the dishes were MICROSCOPIC and EXPENSIVE

– my ravioli dish was actually COLD (what, the chef didn’t put it in the microwave long enough~?!)

– the carbonara spaghetti dish was tooooo salty

the waiter was aggressive as hell. I came in with a bottle of water (which I’d been drinking before I came into The Liit), but I actually ordered orange juice for my drink, so no, I was no moocher. However, after a while, I suddenly realized that my water bottle was GONE, taken by the waiter. Was he scared I’d drink my own water and not order their water~?! WRONG MOVE, jerk. And you still dared to ask me if I wanted dessert~?! Shove it up your ass.

Dear The Liit: I’m not sorry to see you gone.

Hope you burn in hell.

BEWARE: South Asian Scam Group Operating in Sukhumvit

I’ve been targeted by this brazen and annoying scam group TWICE. This group’s MO (modus operandi) is: pick a target, ask the target if s/he speaks English, then proceed to tell the target about his/her luck, health, love life, etc. Sometimes the scammer throws in a magic performance as well. Scammer then just keeps blabbing about target’s habits that should be stopped, people who wish target harm, target’s health problems, target’s so-called “lucky spots” on the face, blah blah blaaaaah… Then comes the appeal for “donation” for some unfortunate impoverished, mentally disabled kids. DUH.

Like I said, this lowly group has tried its stunt with me TWICE. Both times they failed. I’m actually feeling OFFENDED that the members of this scam group targeted me TWICE. Do I look like an easy target, assholes?!

The first time I met one of the scammers was a few months ago inside a building in Thonglo 2 (Sukhumvit 55). When I came out of an elevator, I saw a South Asian-looking man walking in front. He was tall and dark with slicked-back (OILY!) hair in a ponytail. He suddenly turned around and asked me, “Excuse me, do you speak English?” I said yes, then he said, “Aaah, I’m from Sri Lanka. I’m a fortune teller”.

As soon as the words “fortune teller” came out of his mouth, I knew right away that this bastard was up to no good (I actually heard alarm bells ringing in my head~!!). He started talking, “You have a very lucky face! I see you have some dark moles on your face. These are very lucky spots.” I noncommittally went, “Uh-huh.” He continued, “There are two people who love you very much. Next month will be a very lucky month for you. Would you like to know more about your future?”

I said “NOPE” in a very bored voice. That didn’t stop him. He kept blabbing, “Please tell me your birthday.” I decided to annoy him a bit. “You tell me. You’re the fortune teller,” I said. “You shouldn’t need to ask me, right?” He quickly changed tactics by switching to a different topic, repeating random things about my so-called life. Then he said, “I can show you something. I can show you how to increase your good luck. Would you like to see?”

“No”, I said. “Why not?” he asked (fuckin’ persistent, huh?). I said, “I don’t believe in fortune telling.” He said, “Oh no, you shouldn’t say things like this. Tell me why you feel like this.” I said, “Everything you’ve said sounds so vague. It could apply to ANYONE.” (WHY AM I EVEN ARGUING WITH A SCAMMER, right??). He said, “I can change your mind. Please tell me your name and birth date.”

By this time I was losing my patience. I said, “No, thanks. I’m not interested.” He tried to insist again, but I was firm this time. So he finally gave up, said “Okay”, and left.

The second time was just yesterday. I went to K-Village in Sukhumvit 26 for a late lunch when a similar-looking (though shorter), dark man with slicked-back (OILY!!) hair and South Asian features approached me. He asked the same question, “Do you speak English?” I answered, “Yes.” Then he said, “I can tell you your future. You have a very lucky face.” WHAT THE FUCK?! Almost identical opening lines?! Where did these assholes learn these lines?! Is there some kind of “scammer school” somewhere?! Continue reading