Odd-Numbered Sukhumvit Sois 1-19

A very useful video clip explaining the odd-numbered Sukhumvit sois from soi 1 aaaaaaaall the way to soi 19~!!

Persian Carpets Shop in Sukhumvit 24

Never mind that the weather in Bangkok is hot as hell. Some people still love to have carpets in their homes. If you’re into carpets (which I call dust collectors, but hey, that’s just me) and don’t want to stick to just random, un-special carpets, you might want to check out the Al-Mubeen Carpets shop in Sukhumvit 24. They specialize in PERSIAN carpets, and judging by this clip, they can customize your dust collector’s design, too~!!

Gorgeous Traditional Thai House

And if you’ve got the dough, you can rent it~!!!! This traditional wooden Thai-style house is located in the Ekamai (Sukhumvit 63) area, and I’ve got a feeling that some seriously loaded foreigner with an Oriental fetish would luuuurve staying here~!! If you’re that person, you can contact Siam Home Source HERE. For those of you who aren’t rich enough, well, y’all can just perve on the house from this clip:

Enjoy the multicultural vibes of Nana~!!

The area around Sukhumvit 3 (Nana) is popular with Africans, South Asians and Middle Easterners. Hell, you won’t even feel like you’re in Thailand when you’re there~!! Nana is where you’ll find Arabic signs, halal restaurants, Muslim fashion, sheesha bars, kebab shops, and yes, even fake and illegal goods if y’know what I mean (*wink wink*) wahahahaaaaa…

Dropping by the Nana area always guarantees an eyeful/earful/noseful adventure~!!

COMING SOON – Piccadilly Circus on Sukhumvit~!!

The community mall trend isn’t slowing down yet.

Proof: a new “Brit-inspired” community mall is being built in Onnut (Sukhumvit 77). Called Pickadaily Bangkok, it’s going to mimic London’s Piccadilly Circus.

Here’s the promo video:

And here’s how it’s supposed to look like:

Hmmmmmmm (*massages chin*)… That fake Big Ben looks just teeeeny tiny lame, IMHO. And what will happen when the dreaded rainy season (which spans several MONTHS) comes~?? You’re gonna get soaking wet trying to walk around… Oh well…

Whimsical Art in Sukhumvit 26

K-Village in Sukhumvit 26 is holding another painting exhibition~!!

This time it’s dedicated to just one Thai artist: Sudrak Utayophas. The pieces on display look very dreamy and whimsical, like this one titled “Land of Imagination”:

I especially like this one, titled “The Rain”:

The exhibition is from September 27 to October 28 on the 2nd and 3rd floors of K-Village:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Himmapan” Art Exhibition in Sukhumvit 26

Aaaaaaahhh~~~ if only I were totally loaded~~!!! I’d snap so many of the paintings on display (and for sale) at K-Village (Sukhumvit 26)~!!!

Titled “Himmapan 2012”, this exhibition is organized by Silapasri Art and will be on until 23 September. Proceeds will pay for the Thai government’s new old folks’ home.

I gotta admit that I’m quite ignorant when it comes to “art”, but at least I know that TWO paintings in this exhibition were painted by the same famous painter who has painted for Hu Jintao:

Enjoy feasting your eyes on these beauties~!!

Fake Japanese Summer Fest on Sukhumvit (DUH)

Oh, I just can’t stand the pathetic-nessss… (yea, I know I just made up that word) of the Gateway Ekamai mall. I’d already made a post about it (read it HERE), whining about its overall lameness.

This fake Japanese Summer Festival has given me more ammunition.

So the Gateway Ekamai is holding a “Matsuri”-wannabe with fake kimonos, fake torii (temple gate entrance – pictured left), fake maneki neko (Beckoning Cat), fake wishing tree, you get my drift. While I totally understand that reproductions could be made, the ones at Gateway Ekamai just look TOO FAKE.

While I was there (and taking pics as “evidence”), the “festival” itself was already sputtering its breath. VERY FEW PEOPLE were actually “participating”: Continue reading

Changes Going On In Soi Fuji~!!

Sukhumvit 33/1 has a nickname – Soi Fuji. It’s the unofficial “Little Tokyo” of Sukhumvit Road (OK, so a lame new mall in Ekamai has ambitions of wrestling this coveted title from Soi Fuji, but I say BAH~!!!).

FYI – Fuji is actually the name of the Japanese supermarket inside this soi.

So anyway, apparently there are lots of CHANGES going on inside Soi Fuji~!!

First of all Fuji Supermarket itself is lookin’ quite spiffy now:

Continue reading

Lame New Mall in Sukhumvit (*yawn*)

Yea, I got it. Thai people have a Japanese fetish. They adore almost everything that comes from the Land of the Rising Sun.

However, I’m starting to get really fed-up with the idea that stamping “JAPAN” on anything will somehow attract customers and make money.

Case in point: a new (lame) mall named Gateway Ekamai, recently opened in the Ekamai area (Sukhumvit 63).

It looks quite cute from outside:

Another good point is that its entrance is connected to the BTS Station:

The thing is, when you go in, the lameness hits you. This pathetic mall tries to be Japanese sooooo much, and it can’t even succeed. Continue reading