VERY PERSISTENT Preacher on Sukhumvit~!!

I posted about this preacher already in August (check it out HERE) –

Well, he’s still at it~!! And STILL around the Nana area, which holds the title of the raunchiest, naughtiest area of Sukhumvit~!!

The preaching doesn’t start ’til 0:52.

At 3:26 you’ll see another farang appear on the scene and doing the wai to the passers-by, trying to explain to them that the chunky guy holding the thick book and shouting in English is basically ting-tong.

At 3:49 he gets in front of PP (Persistent Preacher) and tries to tell PP what exactly he thinks of him, much to the amusement AND confusion of the other passers-by (made up of a very international crowd, a trademark of Nana~!!)

At 4:47 another farang in a red shirt stops and amuses himself in front of the preacher for a while.

At 4:56 a group of Muslims (his target?) passes by.

At 7:22 PP takes out a hanky and wipes his face (yes, Bangkok is hot n’ humid~!!)

At 7:53 a motorcycle taxi driver comes from the right side, nonchalantly accepts the (religious?) brochure from PP’s female groupmate and stays for a while to enjoy the show.

At 9:20 PP takes out his hanky and wipes his face again.

At 9:35 PP’s female groupmate (with a little girl in tow) appears again and hands in another brochure to a bystander who has been standing off-screen.

At 11:51 a little boy appears on the right, wearing similar attire as PP and clutching what looks like more brochures (another team member, I reckon?), trying to distribute them to pedestrians.

At 12:37 a chubby boy with curly hair riding a bicycle appears and stops to check out PP. He occasionally glances over to the camera.

At 15:03 – another sweat wiping action by PP.

At 16:48 a passerby (off-screen left) whips out a camera and starts recording PP.

At 20:41 PP wipes his sweat again.

At 20:44 PP gets a bit more dramatic by hoisting his book (Bible?) into the air.

At 21:07 the little boy (PP’s group member) reappears and smiles into the camera.

At 21:34 – another sweat-wiping action by PP.

At 23:42 the hanky comes out again, and PP’s female groupmate hands another brochure to a pedestrian.

At 26:06 wipesweatwipesweatwipesweat…

At 27:33 a motorcycle taxi driver stops and stares at PP.

At 27:46 a trio of what looks like Japanese salarymen appear, totally oblivious to PP, and also the traffic! They refuse to accept the brochures at first, but one relents.

At 28:26 PP’s voice suddenly turns silent. It’s unclear what PP is doing, but his head is nodding up and down slightly (praying to himself?).

At 29:00 last sweat-wiping action.

And finally the clip ends a little over 29 minutes (29 minutes~!!!!!).

I wonder if PP then goes home, all sweaty with a sore throat~??

Odd-Numbered Sukhumvit Sois 1-19

A very useful video clip explaining the odd-numbered Sukhumvit sois from soi 1 aaaaaaaall the way to soi 19~!!

What I Learned from the Punchline Comedy Show

Scottish women are the hairiest women in the world. This is why you MUST have expensive bed sheets, unless you want to see some human velcro action.

Scotland is famous for its sun and surfing (*TEE-HEE*). And the people totally DO NOT have a drinking problem.

What do Australians consider as pests? Kangaroos and British backpackers.

If you’ve got a farang missus, you don’t have to waste time and money to do whale-watching. Simply ask her to flip over in the bathtub~!!

The British youngsters love to “take a year off” to find themselves and soak up the local/traditional Thai culture, ESPECIALLY among the Ping-Pong Tribe of Phuket (and/or Patpong).

The are NO (zero! Zip! Nada!) comedy clubs in Germany.

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Marvelous Mor Lam on Sukhumvit~!!!!

A clip of the 3rd Anniversary of Paradise Bangkok by ZudRangMa Records at Sonic Ekamai (Ekamai 10, Sukhumvit 63). It’s SUCH A PLEASURE watching musicians who are so in love with their craft and an audience who is completely taken by the music:

For those of you who don’t know what mor lam is, it’s a folk/traditional music genre which originated in Laos, and is still popular in Thailand now, even though many “moderns” and youngsters usually turn their noses up at mor lam, viewing it as “old-fashioned” and “country-sided”:

Thailand actually has a duo Christy (Dutch) and Jonas (Swedish), who sing mor lam (and luuk thung, another Thai traditional folk music style) together:

Al-Jazeera did a special report on ZudRangMa Records’ efforts to re-introduce back mor lam to a bigger audience (read it HERE). Thanks to ZudRangMa Records’ jam sessions, perhaps more people (Thais and foreigners alike) will learn to appreciate mor lam‘s hypnotic beats~!!

Wicked Jazz Trio at the Sheraton

The Randy Cannon Group really knows how to jam at the Living Room at the Sheraton (Sukhumvit 12)~!!

The Randy Cannon Group (pianist Randy Cannon, ex-James Brown drummer Erik Hargrove and bassist Therdsak Wongvichien) will perform from Thursday to Sunday from 9.15pm, until October 31.

Punchline Comedy Show Coming Again to Sukhumvit~!!

I’d watched the Punchline Comedy Show once, and it was truly hilarious~!! My favorite comedian there was Canadian comic Paul Myrehaug. I really liked his deadpan presentation~!!

I can’t wait to check out the different line-up this time~!!

* Eddy Brimson

*Mickey Hutton

*Marcus Ryan

(haven’t heard of any of ’em but my expectations are pretty high~!!)

Date: 26-27 October 2012

Place: Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Sukhumvit 22

Time: 9pm

Ticket price: 1,500 baht (to buy: call 02-233-4141 or 02-234-3590 or book online at The Barbican)

Prakanong Canal Trip

Before many of Bangkok’s canals were filled-up to make roads, the capital city was called “The Venice of Asia”. This canal around the Prakanong area (Sukhumvit 71) shows how getting on a boat can get you pretty much anywhere – temples, residential areas, markets. Along the way, you’ll also see traditional wooden Thai-style houses, modern high rises, rickety shacks, and green… so much green…

Educational Jungle in Sukhumvit~!!

Could it be… that Emporium is starting to get ‘IT’~?? The ‘it’ is the irony of transporting live animals and then displaying them inside a department store to drive home the message of “environmental protection”.

For those who don’t know, every year, Emporium (in Sukhumvit 24) transforms itself into a “jungle paradise” to promote conservation, though I suspect its main aim is to attract people who don’t usually come to Emporium because every time Emporium gets all jungly and wild, people FLOCK to the department store like moths to a flame, especially those with hyperactive kids~!! (Pardon all the beastly associations ha ha ha).

The whole event is sponsored by big companies, usually those in the insurance and energy businesses. Hmmmm…… (*massages chin*).

This jungly infatuation started in 2007, when Emporium went aaaaaall the way to ensure TOTAL EXOTIC-NESS. It had cages to display rare animals like binturongs:




even Bengal tigers~!! (which actually weren’t caged~!!). People could actually “cuddle” and pose for pictures with these wild cats (I didn’t).

In 2011, some protesters actually demonstrated in front of Emporium to condemn the use and display of wild animals inside a mall:

(read the whole article HERE)

This time, Emporium focused on some reptiles:

There were chickens in cages too:

This year, the gimmicky event is held once again, under the title of “The Mystique Whisper” (sheesh). There are no more live animals. Instead, there are simple animal figures, made from recycled materials, like this gorilla (decorated by straws):

and this flowery elephant:

and this multicolored, fluffy mandrill:

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Japanese Porn Star’s Club in Sukhumvit 33~!!!!

First of all, a disclaimer: I ain’t his fan. Truly.

However, I’m tolerant about whatever floats anybody’s boat.

Anyhoo, so Mr. Hiroshi Shimabukuro apparently has his own club in Sukhumvit 33.

It’s called VANILLA, which sounds pretty tame for someone who does bedroom acrobatics for a living. I mean, the term “vanilla” usually connotes something that is “usual” or “plain”.

However, that pic of red luscious lips licking a melting vanilla ice cream below the huge ass pic of  Hiroshi-san’s gigantic mug is somethin’ else (*giggle*).

The Japanese characters in black say “AV (short for ‘adult video’) Actor Hiroshi Shimabukuro’s Shop”.

That yellow sign is pretty hard to miss, even inside Sukhumvit 33, which has TONS of naughty bars and clubs.

And look~~~~ Hiroshi-san certainly knows how to gain the local Thais’ favor – he’s doing the “wai” in the pic~!!! (*swoon*)

Flood Prep Exhibition in Sukhumvit 24

The TCDC (Thailand Culture and Design Center) on the 6th floor of Emporium (Sukhumvit 24) is holding a very informative exhibition titled “ALWAYS PREPARE: Living With Changes”. It focuses on disaster (specifically: FLOODING) preparation, inspired by the Dutch and the Japanese.

Some of the highlights include new models of anti-flood houses, “flood fashion” (light, strong, waterproof materials), tips on how to keep food fresh without electricity, games to prepare children for emergencies, multi-purpose tents that can double as clothes and/or blankets, building temporary shelters from commonly available materials, store receipts with emergency information, etc. Continue reading

Enjoy the multicultural vibes of Nana~!!

The area around Sukhumvit 3 (Nana) is popular with Africans, South Asians and Middle Easterners. Hell, you won’t even feel like you’re in Thailand when you’re there~!! Nana is where you’ll find Arabic signs, halal restaurants, Muslim fashion, sheesha bars, kebab shops, and yes, even fake and illegal goods if y’know what I mean (*wink wink*) wahahahaaaaa…

Dropping by the Nana area always guarantees an eyeful/earful/noseful adventure~!!

Gangnam Style Face-Off: Thai Navy vs. K-Pop Dance Class vs. Bie the Ska

What a very entertaining clip of the Thai Navy goin’ Gangnam Style~!!

I think they can compete with the K-Pop dance class at MP Dance Factory at Thonglo 13 (Sukhumvit 55)~!!

Naturally, Bie the Ska has to join the competition too~!!

COMING SOON – Piccadilly Circus on Sukhumvit~!!

The community mall trend isn’t slowing down yet.

Proof: a new “Brit-inspired” community mall is being built in Onnut (Sukhumvit 77). Called Pickadaily Bangkok, it’s going to mimic London’s Piccadilly Circus.

Here’s the promo video:

And here’s how it’s supposed to look like:

Hmmmmmmm (*massages chin*)… That fake Big Ben looks just teeeeny tiny lame, IMHO. And what will happen when the dreaded rainy season (which spans several MONTHS) comes~?? You’re gonna get soaking wet trying to walk around… Oh well…

Whimsical Art in Sukhumvit 26

K-Village in Sukhumvit 26 is holding another painting exhibition~!!

This time it’s dedicated to just one Thai artist: Sudrak Utayophas. The pieces on display look very dreamy and whimsical, like this one titled “Land of Imagination”:

I especially like this one, titled “The Rain”:

The exhibition is from September 27 to October 28 on the 2nd and 3rd floors of K-Village:

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Dance Partaaaay in Sukhumvit~~!!!

What’s better than having a massive dance party, traditional Thai style~??

Why, add in some foreigners, of course~!!

That was what happened at the graduation ceremony at a temple in Sukhumvit 101/1, Wat Dhammamongkol. The ceremony was held to congratulate the temple’s Thai, Canadian and American students who received meditation certificates.

Well done, everyone~!! (*clap clap clap*)

“Himmapan” Art Exhibition in Sukhumvit 26

Aaaaaaahhh~~~ if only I were totally loaded~~!!! I’d snap so many of the paintings on display (and for sale) at K-Village (Sukhumvit 26)~!!!

Titled “Himmapan 2012”, this exhibition is organized by Silapasri Art and will be on until 23 September. Proceeds will pay for the Thai government’s new old folks’ home.

I gotta admit that I’m quite ignorant when it comes to “art”, but at least I know that TWO paintings in this exhibition were painted by the same famous painter who has painted for Hu Jintao:

Enjoy feasting your eyes on these beauties~!!

Fake Japanese Summer Fest on Sukhumvit (DUH)

Oh, I just can’t stand the pathetic-nessss… (yea, I know I just made up that word) of the Gateway Ekamai mall. I’d already made a post about it (read it HERE), whining about its overall lameness.

This fake Japanese Summer Festival has given me more ammunition.

So the Gateway Ekamai is holding a “Matsuri”-wannabe with fake kimonos, fake torii (temple gate entrance – pictured left), fake maneki neko (Beckoning Cat), fake wishing tree, you get my drift. While I totally understand that reproductions could be made, the ones at Gateway Ekamai just look TOO FAKE.

While I was there (and taking pics as “evidence”), the “festival” itself was already sputtering its breath. VERY FEW PEOPLE were actually “participating”: Continue reading

Jazz Diva Alice Day in Sukhumvit!!!!

Alice Day… sigh….. I LOVE YOOOOUUUU~~~!!!!!!!!!!

Shot in The Living Room, Sheraton, Sukhumvit 12. Sorry for the crappy picture quality – it was DARK hahaha. The pics came out OK, though:

P.S. The guy with the trumpet is Steve Cannon and the rest of the band is the Shawn Kelley Trio.

You Can Now SURF in Sukhumvit~!!

You read that right. SURFING is now available as one of the activities in Sukhumvit~!! And you don’t even need to be anywhere near any oceans to do it~!!

Flow House Bangkok (inside the A-Square Complex, deeeeeep inside Sukhumvit 26) guarantees a perfect wave every time, both for the professional and the beginner.

You basically get on this “sheet” where powerful jets of water propel you upwards. Your goal is to stay up and not fall flat on your face and humiliate yourself in front of an audience. And yep, there’s ALWAYS an audience at Flow House Bangkok (even on a rainy day when I took this pic~!!)

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Changes Going On In Soi Fuji~!!

Sukhumvit 33/1 has a nickname – Soi Fuji. It’s the unofficial “Little Tokyo” of Sukhumvit Road (OK, so a lame new mall in Ekamai has ambitions of wrestling this coveted title from Soi Fuji, but I say BAH~!!!).

FYI – Fuji is actually the name of the Japanese supermarket inside this soi.

So anyway, apparently there are lots of CHANGES going on inside Soi Fuji~!!

First of all Fuji Supermarket itself is lookin’ quite spiffy now:

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REVIEW: Chez Pape (Sukhumvit 11)

Chez Pape in Sukhumvit 11 specializes in comforting, French home-cooked meals. And it does them reeeeeally well~!!

I guess Chez Pape MUST differentiate itself, since its location is in THAT nook in Sukhumvit 11 where there are a lot of other very good and creative restaurants.

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Lame New Mall in Sukhumvit (*yawn*)

Yea, I got it. Thai people have a Japanese fetish. They adore almost everything that comes from the Land of the Rising Sun.

However, I’m starting to get really fed-up with the idea that stamping “JAPAN” on anything will somehow attract customers and make money.

Case in point: a new (lame) mall named Gateway Ekamai, recently opened in the Ekamai area (Sukhumvit 63).

It looks quite cute from outside:

Another good point is that its entrance is connected to the BTS Station:

The thing is, when you go in, the lameness hits you. This pathetic mall tries to be Japanese sooooo much, and it can’t even succeed. Continue reading