Sukhumvit: Rehatched

This rainy season has made me SUPER LAZY! Whenever those water blobs fall, I feel like I’d rather just stay home and be a vegetable.

However, I was at K-Village (in Sukhumvit 26) the other day, and I noticed that heeeey~~ some of the trees there actually got birds’ nests on them~!!!


Like, REAL nests, created by real flying, chirping creatures.

Check them out:


This got me thinking:


Woman Gives Birth on Sukhumvit 71~!!

Big deal, you say? Women give birth aaaaall the time, that’s true, but this particular one was just walking along Sukhumvit 71 when she suddenly went into labor~!! People around helped her give birth right in front of the Jusco Supermarket before paramedics arrive. Coincidentally, the street birth was witnessed by a foreign journalist:

VERY PERSISTENT Preacher on Sukhumvit~!!

I posted about this preacher already in August (check it out HERE) –

Well, he’s still at it~!! And STILL around the Nana area, which holds the title of the raunchiest, naughtiest area of Sukhumvit~!!

The preaching doesn’t start ’til 0:52.

At 3:26 you’ll see another farang appear on the scene and doing the wai to the passers-by, trying to explain to them that the chunky guy holding the thick book and shouting in English is basically ting-tong.

At 3:49 he gets in front of PP (Persistent Preacher) and tries to tell PP what exactly he thinks of him, much to the amusement AND confusion of the other passers-by (made up of a very international crowd, a trademark of Nana~!!)

At 4:47 another farang in a red shirt stops and amuses himself in front of the preacher for a while.

At 4:56 a group of Muslims (his target?) passes by.

At 7:22 PP takes out a hanky and wipes his face (yes, Bangkok is hot n’ humid~!!)

At 7:53 a motorcycle taxi driver comes from the right side, nonchalantly accepts the (religious?) brochure from PP’s female groupmate and stays for a while to enjoy the show.

At 9:20 PP takes out his hanky and wipes his face again.

At 9:35 PP’s female groupmate (with a little girl in tow) appears again and hands in another brochure to a bystander who has been standing off-screen.

At 11:51 a little boy appears on the right, wearing similar attire as PP and clutching what looks like more brochures (another team member, I reckon?), trying to distribute them to pedestrians.

At 12:37 a chubby boy with curly hair riding a bicycle appears and stops to check out PP. He occasionally glances over to the camera.

At 15:03 – another sweat wiping action by PP.

At 16:48 a passerby (off-screen left) whips out a camera and starts recording PP.

At 20:41 PP wipes his sweat again.

At 20:44 PP gets a bit more dramatic by hoisting his book (Bible?) into the air.

At 21:07 the little boy (PP’s group member) reappears and smiles into the camera.

At 21:34 – another sweat-wiping action by PP.

At 23:42 the hanky comes out again, and PP’s female groupmate hands another brochure to a pedestrian.

At 26:06 wipesweatwipesweatwipesweat…

At 27:33 a motorcycle taxi driver stops and stares at PP.

At 27:46 a trio of what looks like Japanese salarymen appear, totally oblivious to PP, and also the traffic! They refuse to accept the brochures at first, but one relents.

At 28:26 PP’s voice suddenly turns silent. It’s unclear what PP is doing, but his head is nodding up and down slightly (praying to himself?).

At 29:00 last sweat-wiping action.

And finally the clip ends a little over 29 minutes (29 minutes~!!!!!).

I wonder if PP then goes home, all sweaty with a sore throat~??

FAVORITE: Nameless Izakaya at Sukhumvit 26

No, “nameless izakaya” is NOT the name of this tiny, unassuming eatery inside Sukhumvit 26.

It simply HAS NO NAME (“izakaya” is Japanese word which roughly translates into “drinking place”).

You see those purplish curtains hanging in front of the door? Those curtains typically display the name of the establishment. Except these curtains are BLANK.

And yes, I HAD asked the manager about the name, and his answer was, “This place just has no name.”


Well, name or no name, this place serves really YUMMY Japanese stuff~!! (And some Thai dishes as well~!!). It also offers some “B-Gourmet” food, which is experimental cuisine that’s unique, cheap and tasty, designed for those who are watching their wallets (examples: coffee ramen, fried soba noodles) – a bit of courage might be needed to try some of the “B-Gourmet” stuff hehe~!!

If someday you happen to be in Sukhumvit 26 when the night’s deep already (they’re open til late), don’t forget to try this place (food porn below)~!!

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Random Silly Sukhumvit Stuff

Flood barrier?

(found at the entrance of Sukhumvit 33)

* * * * * * * * * *

“SAVE TOILET PAPER” says the sticker inside the Emporium toilet (Sukhumvit 24)

(my own experience tells me that this kind of toilet paper dispenser actually causes people to use MORE toilet paper)

* * * * * * * * * *

A tree used as a storage:

(found in Thonglo, Sukhumvit 55)

* * * * * * * * * *

Look at the size of this spider~!!

* * * * * * * * * * *

The Sukhumvit way to warn people not to trip:



* * * * * * * * * *

All attempts to understand will be futile.

Worse, it might drive you insane.

This is Thailand.

Don’t try to understand.


REVIEW: Twinings (TWG) at Emporium

I’ve been eyeing the very posh-looking TWG tea-focused establishment for some time. Located at the area formerly occupied by the Oriental Cafe on the ground floor of Emporium (Sukhumvit 24), TWG is all yellow and gold:

I’ve heard that TWG is actually Singaporean, but it certainly tries hard to look European. Well, customers seem to not care.

TWG’s got tons (and I mean TONZ~!!!!!!) of kinds of tea~!!

Its tea list is truly exhaustive~!!!

Everybody got dizzy just attempting to make a choice~!!! Continue reading

Odd-Numbered Sukhumvit Sois 1-19

A very useful video clip explaining the odd-numbered Sukhumvit sois from soi 1 aaaaaaaall the way to soi 19~!!

(Yet Another) New Japanese Resto in K-Village

After the demise of both Heawen for Burger Devils (didn’t get a chance to try it) and Yamagishi (didn’t impress me) in K-Village (Sukhumvit 26):

there’s another Japanese eatery, called Kagonoya (I’d tried the branch in Thonglo Marketplace in Sukhumvit 55 – which was MEH):

(this branch occupies the former space of Yamagishi; the former Heawen space is still boarded up).


Could we PLEEEEEASE quit opening more so-so restaurants from the Land of the Rising Sun on Sukhumvit~??

REVIEW: The Local (Sukhumvit 23)

I can totally tell that foreigners will fall in love with The Local, a Thai restaurant in Sukhumvit 23 which uses organic ingredients and is bedecked with traditional wooden “Thainess”.

First, you’ll be greeted by this oh-so-rustic-and-charming house:

Step inside, and you’ll feel like you’re in a museum:

The main dining hall is open and airy, with soft beige and cream colors:

If you really want to impress, you can also opt for a private room (this room spells S-E-R-I-O-U-S with a capital S~!!):

There’s also outdoor seating:

OK~!! Enough with all the pretty furniture~!! What about the FOOD at The Local~?!?! Continue reading

What I Learned from the Punchline Comedy Show

Scottish women are the hairiest women in the world. This is why you MUST have expensive bed sheets, unless you want to see some human velcro action.

Scotland is famous for its sun and surfing (*TEE-HEE*). And the people totally DO NOT have a drinking problem.

What do Australians consider as pests? Kangaroos and British backpackers.

If you’ve got a farang missus, you don’t have to waste time and money to do whale-watching. Simply ask her to flip over in the bathtub~!!

The British youngsters love to “take a year off” to find themselves and soak up the local/traditional Thai culture, ESPECIALLY among the Ping-Pong Tribe of Phuket (and/or Patpong).

The are NO (zero! Zip! Nada!) comedy clubs in Germany.

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Marvelous Mor Lam on Sukhumvit~!!!!

A clip of the 3rd Anniversary of Paradise Bangkok by ZudRangMa Records at Sonic Ekamai (Ekamai 10, Sukhumvit 63). It’s SUCH A PLEASURE watching musicians who are so in love with their craft and an audience who is completely taken by the music:

For those of you who don’t know what mor lam is, it’s a folk/traditional music genre which originated in Laos, and is still popular in Thailand now, even though many “moderns” and youngsters usually turn their noses up at mor lam, viewing it as “old-fashioned” and “country-sided”:

Thailand actually has a duo Christy (Dutch) and Jonas (Swedish), who sing mor lam (and luuk thung, another Thai traditional folk music style) together:

Al-Jazeera did a special report on ZudRangMa Records’ efforts to re-introduce back mor lam to a bigger audience (read it HERE). Thanks to ZudRangMa Records’ jam sessions, perhaps more people (Thais and foreigners alike) will learn to appreciate mor lam‘s hypnotic beats~!!

FAVORITE: Tom N Toms Coffee (Sukhumvit 26)

I can’t drink coffee coz the caffeine keeps me up aaaaaaaaall night. And since I’m already a night person anyway (I’ve been called “vampire”), I actually don’t need caffeine to keep me awake.

So TEA is as far as I can go with caffeine. I do drink alcohol, but that’s for another post. The thing is, I luuurve tea – milk tea, bubble tea, green tea, white tea, black tea, “pulled” tea (teh tarik), whatever tea~!!

I particularly like the milk tea (English Breakfast) at Tom N Toms Coffee inside K-Village in Sukhumvit 26.

Laugh all you want, tea snobs (“Eeeeeh~?! Isn’t Tom N Toms a CHAIN coffee shop~?!”), but I find the taste very comforting, and not too sweet.

I was SO touched when I received my usual milk tea at Tom N Toms today. I noticed this new “thing” on my tray:

(the small plastic container on the left)

At first I was confused – what the heck is THAT~?! Am I supposed to use it for the drinking water? (Coz Tom N Toms gives free drinking water). Continue reading

REVIEW: Vanilla Cafe

Vanilla Cafe in Sukhumvit 63 is THE place to be if you’re into retro kitsch and comforting fusion dishes done Japanese-style.

Located within the complex of Vanilla Garden inside Ekamai 12, Vanilla Cafe softly convinces patrons to “stay here, stay here forever” with its comfy furniture, soothing vibes, and comic books.

Outdoor seating is also available:

However, the food and drinks in Vanilla Cafe are quite weak. And they ain’t exactly cheap. Continue reading

To be a motorcycle taxi driver on Sukhumvit, you’ll need:

1). Balls of steel and lungs of iron.

2). Mind-altering/numbing substances like alcohol (preferably Sang Som) and/or yaa baa.

3). Full contempt of traffic laws, pedestrians, street vendors and other motorists.

4). Awesome swerving skills and wormy moves.

5). A firm belief in reincarnation.

Wicked Jazz Trio at the Sheraton

The Randy Cannon Group really knows how to jam at the Living Room at the Sheraton (Sukhumvit 12)~!!

The Randy Cannon Group (pianist Randy Cannon, ex-James Brown drummer Erik Hargrove and bassist Therdsak Wongvichien) will perform from Thursday to Sunday from 9.15pm, until October 31.

Persian Carpets Shop in Sukhumvit 24

Never mind that the weather in Bangkok is hot as hell. Some people still love to have carpets in their homes. If you’re into carpets (which I call dust collectors, but hey, that’s just me) and don’t want to stick to just random, un-special carpets, you might want to check out the Al-Mubeen Carpets shop in Sukhumvit 24. They specialize in PERSIAN carpets, and judging by this clip, they can customize your dust collector’s design, too~!!

REVIEW: Air Doll

There’s A LOT of nudity in “Air Doll”, but it ends up being such a heart breaking movie that you’ll be left feeling more depressed than horny.

Quick summary of the movie: Loserly Hideo has a dead-end job and no girlfriend. So he gets himself an inflatable air doll he named Nozomi which he dresses up, talks to, bathes, and has sex with. One day, Nozomi finds a heart and comes alive. Unknown to Hideo, she starts interacting with the people around where they live and gets a job working at a video rental shop. However, as the days go by, Nozomi realizes that living a human life in Tokyo, while fun for a while, pretty much sucks.

And that’s all I can say without giving away the complete story~!!

What is ironic about “Air Doll” is that even though the story is so sad, the colors are so damn pretty~!! Cinematographer Pin Bing Lee bathed “Air Doll” with soft, pastel colors, giving an airy (“Air Doll”, get it? Puhaha~), breezy mood to the movie which makes everything so melancholic.

While some viewers might find the pacing a bit slow, I think it actually works very well, because it goes along with Nozomi’s (played with wide-eyed innocence and wonder by Korean actress Bae Doona) gradual discovery that having a human heart actually HURTS LIKE A BIATCH.

What’s more, the slow pacing preps you up for something twisted that might make you want to hurl towards the end of the movie (and NO, I won’t tell what it’s about~!!).

* * * * * (3 stars out of 5 stars)

Punchline Comedy Show Coming Again to Sukhumvit~!!

I’d watched the Punchline Comedy Show once, and it was truly hilarious~!! My favorite comedian there was Canadian comic Paul Myrehaug. I really liked his deadpan presentation~!!

I can’t wait to check out the different line-up this time~!!

* Eddy Brimson

*Mickey Hutton

*Marcus Ryan

(haven’t heard of any of ’em but my expectations are pretty high~!!)

Date: 26-27 October 2012

Place: Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Sukhumvit 22

Time: 9pm

Ticket price: 1,500 baht (to buy: call 02-233-4141 or 02-234-3590 or book online at The Barbican)