Sukhumvit… How Do I Love Thee?

I used to blog at But since Multiply is kicking out all its members who aren’t online sellers, I decided to migrate here.

Now… why blog about a ROAD?

It’s been said that you can find absolutely ANYTHING on Sukhumvit Road, from shopping to spirituality to sex. Hell, yea. This site aims to highlight the best of the bestest of the HIDDEN GEMS that Sukhumvit has to offer, bits of info that will make your stay in Sukhumvit more convenient and your life easier.

You know those tour books about Bangkok with a section about Sukhumvit? This is way better becoz here you can find crucial information about Sukhumvit from a LOCAL, stuff that generic tour books won’t tell you.

So I won’t bother with the info that most already know, like: Sukhumvit is accessible by both the subway and the Skytrain, and that Emporium is in Sukhumvit 24.

What this site offers is deeper knowledge about Sukhumvit which can only be gained after you spent more than just a vacation here, after you’ve experienced REAL Thai food (a.k.a street food), when you’ve actually considered ‘motorcycle taxis’ as a proper and acceptable form of transportation, when you actually know which sois don’t get flooded during the rainy season and where to go for fun, cheap fashion without getting out of Sukhumvit.

This site is dedicated to all of you who are living on Sukhumvit Road, Sukhumvit fans (what are you waiting for? Get your asses over here) and the occasional (and sometimes repeat) tourists.

So… Welcome and happy hunting on one of Bangkok’s oldest and most happening roads!

Please ask my permission first before using anything on this site.

Suggestions are welcomed:

Are you in love with Sukhumvit, too~??

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