Creepy Kids’ Shop at Thonglo Eight

I get CHILLS and GOOSEBUMPS every time I pass by this friggin’ shop inside the Eight Thonglo building~~!!!!

This shop sells, innocently enough, baby and toddler’s clothes:

However, its PICTURES make my blood run cold. Like this one:

Don’t these girls look absolutely EVIL~?!?! Their gaze makes me wanna avoid eye contact… I swear, they look like they wanna suck my blood and eat my entrails. It doesn’t help that the one on the right looks like a freakin’ VAMPIRE.

Here’s another scary-looking pic, though the creepy factor of those two she-devils has been diluted by the presence of two other kids:

Worse, this store also displays reeeeeally CREEPY dolls:

The Indonesians have a name for it – TUYUL – it’s a supernatural “thing” that people can own and take care of in return for (ill-gotten) riches. The tuyul looks looks like a small child because it’s short, but it’s bald and has bumpy skin. Its touch supposedly feels cold to a human. The “master” of the tuyul has to take care of it, as if the tuyul is a child – feed it, pay attention to it, etc. (I heard that tuyuls especially like to have a pond in the garden). In return, the tuyul will steal money from the master’s neighbors, slowly enriching the master.

The hairs on the back of my neck always stand up whenever I see this tuyul-looking doll… dammit…

I can’t imagine that this shop’s young customers find its “decor” very pleasant-looking either… Countless kids are probably having horrible nightmares right now…

My deepest apologies for displaying these scary pics. Please enjoy some vintage Sanrio instead, and you’ll be floating in marshmallow and rainbows in no time~!!

Are you in love with Sukhumvit, too~??

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