REVIEW: Gastronom

After soaking up the hot water and getting a Thai massage at the Yunomori Onsen and Spa (read my review HERE) inside A-Square in Sukhumvit 26, I was RAVENOUS.

Gastronom and Torajiro were connected to Yunomori, but since I’ve often eaten at Torajiro already, I decided to give Gastronom a try.

First I ordered organic juice (carrot and passion fruit) and soy sauce chicken. The juice was quite yummy, though expensive (120 baht!!):

However, I was shocked to find out that the chicken dish was PUNY:

(and this was 80 baht~!!)

I was totally NOT full with this tiny dish, so I ordered ham and cheese sandwich to fill my still-hungry stomach:

The ham and cheese sandwich were very delicious. I can’t say the same for the pathetic-looking salad that came with it, though. I took three bites of the salad and decided to just ditch it.

My bill came to 395 baht. Now, since I do not cook at home, I always eat outside. So I know the prices for restaurant food. 395 baht for juice, microscopic chicken dish plus ham and cheese sandwich (with very disappointing salad) is EXPENSIVE.

Gastronom’s staff also were clueless. I asked what “Doraemon” was (that was what was written on their menu, pictured left), and they drew a blank. They asked each other, but still couldn’t give me an answer, so they had to ask someone who looked like the manager about what “Doraemon” was, and she said “It’s cold milk.” Sheesh…

OK, perhaps since Gastronom just opened its doors to the public recently (just like Yunomori Onsen and Spa, which I reviewed HERE), they’re still trying to find a stable footing. So I’ll give ’em a few more months before I’ll return and throw my cash their way for more of their minuscle dishes HAH~!!

* * * * * (2 stars out of 5 stars)

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