Weird/Creepy Happening on Sukhumvit

I was waiting for a taxi inside Sukhumvit 26. The traffic wasn’t moving when I noticed that a car a few steps away had one of its windows down. The driver stuck his head out and started shouting something towards my direction. I wasn’t sure whether he was talking to me (there was nobody around, but why would he be shouting at me, right?) so I just ignored him.

Then about half a minute later the traffic started moving, and the same car stopped right in front of me. The driver said something to me, so I stepped closer to hear him better. The driver was a Thai man who looked to be in his 40s. He asked me for directions to go to Samitivej Hospital. But as soon as he asked this question, my gut feeling told me that this was a FAKE question, that this man actually did NOT need directions – he was just PRETENDING to be asking.

Anyway, I told him (in Thai), “Drive straight, turn right at the intersection, then turn left into Sukhumvit 49.” He kinda looked surprised that I gave him such detailed directions, but he still said, “Oh, OK…” Then without missing a beat, he asked me, “And you? Where are YOU going?” I said, “I’m going to Thonglo (Sukhumvit 55).” He then patted the empty passenger seat next to him and said, “I can drive you there. Come.”

By this time, alarm bells were ringing in my head and I politely refused. Other drivers started to honk at him too, and there was an empty taxi one vehicle behind him, so I told him never mind, I’m just gonna get into that taxi and left.


Just WHAT the hell was this guy trying to do? Doesn’t he think it’s weird/creepy to be asking random strangers on the street if they need a ride to wherever their destination is? What was he planing to do with/to me? Kidnap? Rape and/or torture? Murder?

I feel a bit sick if I think about maybe this guy often asks strangers the same question again and again… Sooner or later, somebody is bound to agree and get inside his car, riiiight? It’s just a matter of statistics, isn’t it?!?! I myself am too suspicious to get inside a stranger’s car, but what about other people??? Just WHAT is this guy planning to do once someone agrees and enters his car?!?! I swear it freakin’ gives me the goddamn chillsssssssssssssssss….

Are you in love with Sukhumvit, too~??

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